What's Been Done Before

I need your input and opinions!

I want to make the best products possible, but I also need to be able to sell them. If you have a favorite, send in a request. You can message directly through the 'Contact Us' page or post on Artistic Apothecary's Facebook page to ask. Whether it's for a gift that you want to give in their favorite scent and color, or if you just have questions due to allergies and want to be sure the item ordered won't cause a reaction, we will due our best here at Artistic Apothecary to answer questions and meet requests! I love to try new things, especially if I know someone else will end up with something they can enjoy! 

We'd love for you to also stop by our online store and see what else we make! There are a variety of products and scents, but if you don't happen to see a favorite, send us a message and we might be able to fix that!

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So What Can You Do?

Here at Artistic Apothecary, we make all kinds of products for a variety of reasons - The biggest being your satisfaction!

     I have a product line called "Naked" that was originally made for my youngest brother who was hypersensitive to a lot of things. Now - years later - he's thankfully outgrown most everything so they don't overwhelm his system if he moderates. But the "Naked" line is still making up almost a third of my sales to this day. Growing up in a family where too much scent can cause an allergic reaction, I have found that there are shockingly few products that are truly "scent free". So I make a 100% scent-free, color-free version of every product I create so no matter the preferences or allergies, there is a product for everyone.

     Now, my lotion bars are typically made using Shea Butter, Coconut oil and Beeswax base. Due to a wonderful lady who was allergic to bee products though, I have a holiday specialty lotion bar that is made using Cocoa Butter instead of Beeswax. I never would have thought to make it on my own, but thanks to her, I have a product that sells at a phenomenal rate. (I've made a new batch during a two day show because I sold out part way through. Then I sold out again before the show was officially over. That's a business owner's dream come true!) Plus, it smells like chocolate, and since it's all food-grade... Kidding! It's safe, but I wouldn't recommend eating my products.

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