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Standards & Quality

My family has been sensitive to scents and consciences of what we use for as long as I can remember. We make most of our meals from scratch - they say if you love to cook, you’ll probably love to soap! That's part of why all the ingredients I use are food-grade. The other reason is because I believe in perfection, meaning if I'm going to make a product I want it to look beautiful, feel wonderful, and contain the best ingredients I can get. I use essential oils to scent the majority of my products. Occasionally fragrance oil's are used - since there is no essential oils for berries or chocolate. My compromise when it comes to those scents is I make sure they're from a reputable supplier and they have to be paraben-free. I also only use cosmetic grade micas that are safe around eyes and mouths for coloring.

The scents in my bars are subtle, especially if you are used to products from mainstream companies. They are pleasant and present though. I don’t make anything I myself would not use or enjoy. Now, I do have favorites – I feel horrible for saying that, like I’m choosing a favorite child – as I prefer mints and chocolates. My mom loves citrus scents, so we have multiple folded essential oils for her. (For those of you who don’t make soap, citrus scents do not ever survive cold process soap making. Folded just means it's been concentrated even more than normal, or re-purified multiple times and is more likely to make it through the process.)

Our orange lasts for months if completely exposed/not packaged, but it’s not overpowering. My mom and sister absolutely adore them. The “Little Boy Blue” soap was a limited edition to our line created by my youngest brother. He chose the color and scent and helped mix and measure the first batch ever made. It's adorable watching him get all geared up in long sleeves, boots, goggles, gloves, and the works to soap with my mom and me.

Artistic Apothecary